Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

I love intricate patterns. I tend to stare at them for what seems to be eternity… admiring the tangled patterns …so complicated, so convoluted, so pretty.  Here are some of my photos of intricate things:

The Rose Windows at Notre Dame de Paris 

The stained-glass windows at Christ Church in the University of Oxford, England


 The intricate multi-colored tiled roof of Hospices de Beaune in Beaune, France 

The timber-framed houses in Stratford-upon-Avon  
This staircase with an intricate ceiling found in Christ Church in Oxford Universiy was used in a Harry Potter movie.  

My favorite is the intricate detailed display of the extensive stained glass walls of the Jewel Box, Sainte-Chapelle.   
  ***Featured photo is that of the  intricate and imposing door of  Notre Dame de Rouen

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  1. I love stained glass and we visited Hospices de Beaune last summer. Quite the interesting and intricate place!


    1. bellabelle1 says:

      Love stained glass too! I have quite a collection of pictures of them in my Instagram… my favorite is Sainte-Chapelle’s extensive stained glass walls. I should add that to this post. Thanks for the visit and the “like”.

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