morceaux de mon esprit

pieces of my mind by Bellabelle1

Morceaux de mon esprit by Bellabelle1

(my stories, my thoughts and my ideas… all pieces of my mind, anything goes!)

“For long you’ll live and high you’ll fly,
And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry,
And all you touch and all you see…
Is all your life will ever be.”    ~Pink Floyd

Ever since I can remember I love to write. My dream of becoming a journalist changed when I fell in love with the dream of being in the medical field.  I became a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and  was hired fresh from college to help a pathologist, (who was my professor in Anatomy) start the Department of Pathology in a hospital located in the suburb of Manila. When my job was done there, I went to work at my alma mater as a clinical instructor. I was hired by a hospital here in Massachusetts after a short stint at that university and through the years, I have never lost my interest in writing so I started a laboratory newspaper (The Scope) that went on publication for 10 years and the SGC Grapevine, a publication of the garden club doings and editorials by some of the garden club members. Now here I am, decidedly blogging and I have no other reason but to get better at it. It will be a work in progress and hopefully you will enjoy it.

8 thoughts on “Morceaux de mon esprit by Bellabelle1

  1. Loving your blog so far…I’m trying to get my container garden going as well. It’s hard living in a condo and not having a green thumb but I putter away as much as I can.
    Keep sharing your stories and photos! Looking forward to them…
    Regards, Mary

    1. Thank you, that meant a lot to me. Gardening is trial and error, and “green thumb” is earned not inherited… so keep gardening and have fun trying new plants. When a plant refuse to grow in my garden outdoors or indoors, they get replaced, hahaha. I learned a lot thru the years too! Thanks for the visit! Best!

    1. Thanks! That was last year in April. It is my son’s first trip to England and he loves carousel rides, and of course he fell in love with UK too. Thank you for visiting my blog! Best!

  2. Bella you have come such a long way, I love that you were hired right away and changed fields of study. I enjoyed reading your blog and will be adding about you to mine today.

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