Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

Living by the sea enables me to witness forces of nature everyday. Also, as an avid gardener, living in New England allowed me to experience what forces of nature bring from Spring thru Summer, thru Fall into Winter.

A good example of forces of nature coming into play is our cove. With the combined effects of gravitational forces from the Sun, the Moon and the rotation of the Earth, we experience first hand, the seemingly ritualistic comings and goings of the tide. A tide table allows us to enjoy the beach as opposed to visitors in the area who would unknowingly position themselves to enjoy the water only to be disappointed when the tide goes out. 

This past Winter has been very harsh on us here in New England. My vibrant porch in the Summer was turned into a frozen and unwelcoming site this Winter. A blizzard is a force of nature that I haven’t gotten used to.

The fog rolling in once in a while obscures and hides the beauty of our cove. It is also a force of nature to be reckoned with especially for boaters who are out there. 

The green sprouts of bulbs in early Spring is a beautiful sight to see for an avid gardener like me. Seemingly with alarms set, plants know when to poke their heads out of the frozen tundra, a force of nature so welcoming after a long dreary Winter. 

Forces of Nature

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