Every once in a while, the road less taken will take you to a place that will make you say a prayer of thanks and reverie.

In one of our morning walks when we were on vacation at Cape Cod, we chance upon a cranberry bog. To those who don’t know what cranberry bog is, this is a marsh or a swampy area where low-growing cranberry plants flourish. What caught my eyes first from a distance were the beautiful swans, and as we hurriedly got a close-up look, the red colors of the cranberries provide an amazing color backdrop to the scenery. And for added treats, there were also mallards and brants. Cape Cod has been one of our Winter retreats and we enjoy our getaway a lot, and because we also live by the sea and being in Cape Cod is sort of the same as being home, a feeling of familiarity and lit bit of boredom is there, however, this time, as we took a road less taken, I can now look forward to going back there next Winter.