Our visit to Italy this time took us to the Amalfi Coastline. Every twist and turn of our ride provided us with a unique and magnificent perspective of what this region is all about. There were plenty of ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ moments and certainly a savory culinary experience. It was also a great opportunity for my husband to meet his brothers in blue in the city of Amalfi; this “meeting his counterpart all around the world”  is a tradition that started 16 years ago.  The limoncello treats were to die for and the shopping killed our budget, but to experience the Amalfi Coastline is chance we, as a family, are forever thankful!


A unique rock formation in the shape of Virgin Mary and the Child, Jesus

Lunch at Chez Black in Positano

Furore, found in Salerno, is almost hidden from view, a hamlet built within a small crack (fjord) in the rocks. This ancient gorge was a hiding place for bandits long time ago.


My husband and his Amalfi brothers in blue