Once a year, as Filipinos who made Massachusetts our home, we meet and celebrate Christmas in our customary ways of “pagsasamahan” (camaraderie). It is the time of year when we and our kids, some full blooded Filipinos and some Fil-Am ones get to see each other again and treat each other like there was no distance and time between us. Some do perform together, singing in a choir, dance or like Kerry and Kip , provided violin music during assembly time and dinner. K also received his yearly gift from his “Ninang and Ninong” (Godparents). Filipino Christmas carols were sung. And yes, like all kids worldwide, the anticipation of the appearance of Santa made them giddy and of course, moms and dads didn’t hesitate to use Santa’s name to keep their kids from misbehaving, and behave they did! Although celebrating Christmas back in the Philippines is more religious with our “Simbang Gabi”,https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simbang_Gabi


the magic of Christmas works the same wonders in all four corners of the world. We had a wonderful time last night catching up with people who we don’t get to see as much. We say “Maligayang Pasko” or “Meri Krismas” (our Tagalog spelling) back home and Merry Christmas here. This is just a little info for my friends who might like to know. May Christmas works it’s magic wherever you are!