I have so many photos of extraordinaries, from waning gibbous moon, to lunar eclipse to blood moon. Egrets and sandpipers, and places dubbed as one of the most beautiful places, I am so lucky to have the privilege to photograph such extraordinary creatures, nature and phenomenons.

Last September 27 -28, 2015, I witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon, the Super Moon, then the Lunar Eclipse and the moon turning orangey red called the Blood Moon. Yeah, I froze my butt off waiting for these changes, but it’s all worth it!

Our cove is a source of extraordinary sights, the Waning Gibbous Moon making its appearance, snowy-white egrets and sandpipers, all wonderful subjects on a photograph.


Extraordinary trips yield extraordinary photos. In Bibury, Gloucestershire in England, dubbed as one of the most beautiful places in England, I had so much fun taking pictures of some of the magnificent and extraordinary settings.

The Arlington row of cottages in Bibury 

The Trout Farm and Swan Hotel 

 I have a lot of extraordinary pictures of our trips and I could go on and on with this challenge, but these are uncomparable to my being blessed with two extraordinary guys I call family! 

***Featured photo is of Burford in the Cotswolds