A door for me is more than an entry way.  Take for example the door of our house; I make sure I dress it up depending on what the occasion is or what holiday it is. My front door is a symbol of my ethusiasm of the changing Seasons, a celebration of a holiday and my love for decorating!

As I travel around the world, I also have pictures of different doors along the way. One of the most imposing door I have seen is that of the Rouen Cathedral in France.

The Westminster Abbey’s door is always a busy place for tourists.

The St. Pancras Rennaissance Hotel door is a welcoming sight  after a wonderful stroll around London.

Walking into the door of  William Shakespeare’s house once again to show our son how the poet used to live is something I have wanted to do for a long time.
The door of the Swan Hotel in Bibury shows hints of what’s inside, the hotel’s charm makes one feel at home at the Cotswolds. 
The Laduree door is as colorful as the macarons inside which I love!