As a family who loves to travel, we, of course, have a lot of pictures of us “on the way” to somewhere either planned or unplanned, where our meandering feet take us… to some new explorations or back to old familiar places, adding new pages to our memory book.

Our son is a very good traveler who usually keeps himself busy by drawing or playing games online –on the way to new adventures.  
Almost 24 hours of travel on the way to the Philippines sometimes is difficult for a young traveler. 

On the way to where it is warm or to places steeped in history, onward we go.

On the way back to our hotel, K decided to run as fast as he could along the Seine River.  

  On the way in to get us some of the coveted macarons….Ladureeeeeee!

On the way into the palace, K decided to take a picture.  

On the way to Piccadilly  Circus…

On the way for a nice swim…. 
Where to next?


 K is on his way to Hogwarts 😉



Featured image: K on his way to check out the Avenue des Champs-Elysees

On the Way