What is wrong with us people nowadays? Did we become so busy with our lives that our minds and hearts are cloaked and fogged-up with the desire to survive that we have no compassion anymore? Are we forced to always be in driven mode because in this society, we can either make it or break it? Or are we just plainly self-engrossed that we don’t care for others anymore? I ask, because on April 23, 2015, while waiting to cross the street with our tour guide to go into Victoria Coach Station in London, we noticed an impeccably dressed young man seemingly propped on the coach station wall, seemingly uncomfortably asleep. My husband said that that man is dead! Our tour group passed the man, and as we went into the entrance, our tour guide stopped us… we looked back, and there was my husband, a police officer,  he stopped and checked-out the man and got a station attendant to call the police because he was right, the poor man was dead! I thought here’s my husband on vacation but could not seem to stop being a police officer, but then again as we went on our tours that day, thru Warwick, thru Stratford-upon-Avon, thru Oxford University, he could not stop thinking of the dead man. How he felt so sorry for him and angry that out of the tens and thousands of people that passed him by (he thinks the man was dead for over eight hours) no one cared to stop and checked on him. I concluded then, that he was not just being a police officer when he did what he did, he felt compassion for the man! All day long, he was wondering what he must have felt, feeling sorry for the him dying alone like that! I have always considered my husband a hero because of the profession he’s in and this experience only proved that he is one! My husband just restored my faith in humanity. I am hoping that people are not too busy and  would care enough to share so that this blog might reach the man’s family to let them know that out of the tens and thousands of people who passed by their loved one– there was one who cared and got him the attention he so badly needed when he cannot get it for himself! 

(Feature image is of my husband and son with some of London’s finest)