An unfocused, smudged picture; a picture taken in a hurry… perhaps in a location wherein taking pictures are not allowed, and a picture is taken hurriedly just because you need a proof or a souvenir of you being there or maybe a moving target. No matter what the situation was when the picture was taken, a person like me, who loves taking pictures, have plenty of blurry ones. Just like the focused ones, I kept them, for they are still part and proof of past rendezvous .

The entrance to a five star hotel in the Philippines


The La Pieta (Notre Dame, Paris) and ceiling of the Versailles Palace

IMG_0394 IMG_0308

My son, K, playing flag football


Children dancing around Mrs. and Santa Claus during our annual Christmas party


My son on a carousel ride


A carousel ride near the Eiffel Tower


A picture of my son jumping with joy when the Celtics won the championship and I tried to get a picture of Alfred Hitchcock’s house on a bus en route to StonehengeSAM_0664SAM_6620

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