I am writing this piece to chronicle my 2015 Winter experience and to share some of my snow pictures.

Winter in New England is almost always harsh. Although we had milder ones in between years, this year was, I think, the worst it had been ever since I moved here in Massachusetts from the Philippines in 1988. The first major blizzard, Juno, on  January 26 to the 27th brought about 24.6 inches of snow to the city of Salem and the following snow storm, Marcus, on February 7th to the 10th brought in additional 23.8 inches. At both ends of these storms, we can’t figure out where to put all this snow as we kept cleaning our sidewalks and driveways.

 What seemed to be a never-ending battle with Mother Nature was harsh on everyone’s back and shoulders.

This is what my porch looked like after the second blizzard, and inset is what it looks like in the Summer.

That mound of snow is where Summer is buried. Our convertible won’t make its appearance until June, I think.

I won’t be gardening until June either.

Then the city of Salem began dumping truckloads of snow in the park next to our neighborhood by the sea. These snow mountains grew overnight some reaching the heights of 20 to 30 feet. This is when I started voicing out what every household in our area is afraid of… the gradual thawing of these snow mountains will raise the water table to such level that because our neighborhood is built on rock ledges, water might come in to our cellars. Thru emails and facebook postings, our mayor was attentive enough to listen to our concerns and sent us  a letter outlining what they intend to do about these snow mountains. 

This is my son’s godfather and his dog on top of one of the snow mountains.

I hope this is the last of these snow storms because I think my back can’t handle another day of shoveling so I am rooting for Spring to kick Winter’s ass out of the way!