Raising a child is very challenging nowadays where everything happening to humanity is easily shown on television and available online. It is especially hard to protect our child from all the bad things happening around us because his father is a police officer and was brought up aware that in this world among the good people, there are bad ones. However, last year, when we learned about the Boston Marathon bombing thru news flashes on TV and newspapers while vacationing in London, and after a telephone call was made to make sure that my husband’s coworkers who were running that marathon were both safe, we had to assure him that although these kinds of despicable acts against humanity exist, there is an abundance of goodness and love in this world enough to ease the pain, erase the fear and help us all heal.

So as soon as we were able to, we brought him to where it all happened. For us, it is important for him to see how humanity rose up against this barbaric act; for him to understand that we can overcome the terror thru prayers, kind words and strong faith in GOD and HUMANITY. Boston Strong indeed!

This is a picture of some of the newspapers that we read looking for more information about the bombing since we were far away from home.