To avoid the clutter of footwear near the front door, I went to Home Goods and found a woven trunk which would perfectly hold tons of shoes, flip flops and other kinds of footwear. To dress it up a little I glued (Gorilla glue) a sign that reads “She Sells Sea Shells” on the front side. And to complete the look, I also glued a starfish on top of the trunk. No more clutter and all I have is this cute trunk in the hallway!


One more project that I did was paint my planter box that used to be a chest with a missing lid that I bought from an antique shop in Georgetown. I painted this antique box black and also painted starfishes on it. Then, K and I went to our beach and collected seashells and driftwoods, arranged this next to the plants in the planter, added two store-bought starfishes that my neighbor Rosey gave me and a white bird statue to achieve the seascape-look.