A room for me is a refuge, a source of comfort and inspiration. A place where ideas are created, secrets are told, a place of stability for some or a place of turmoil for others. It is confinement for others and a limitless space for some.

The rooms I have in our home is a representation of what I love– togetherness, happiness, safety, being blessed and always inspired to do good and create beautiful things. From my child’s nursery converted now to a young man’s bedroom to the rooms where we display our trinkets brought back from our travels–these rooms are where memories are made.

Because we spend a lot of hours working and away from home, I wanted for us to come home to a place where not only can we shake off all our worries and feel safe, but also where we could draw inspiration from, a place that we can all enjoy and be comfortable.

These are some of my rooms, in my home, my haven.

The sitting area in our dining room is also where I love to set up our Christmas Tree during the Holiday Season. In our living room where we spend most of our times together, we opted on a cozy leather sofa large enough to fit the three of us. And our porch is a source of enjoyment for us, either watching the shimmery ocean, husband enjoying his cigar, saying hello to people passing by or entertaining friends.


I also created rooms in my garden, such as a space where one could sit if the ocean breeze gets too cold and windy on the porch. The main area is where we grill and grow our vegetables. I even created a nook for a tea for two. These rooms are fun to create and maintain.