It is a rainy, lazy Sunday and we decided to skip church today, the reason being, we worked hard all week and we just want to laze around read a book, watch TV, catch up on facebook or write a blog. Yes, we are still in our pajamas and it’s early afternoon. With our jobs, we seldom have these lazy days. We are expected to work weekends or holidays sometimes. With our son glued on Mine Craft on his xBOX, he’s out of my hair and nothing is more relaxing for a busy mom like me.


I settled on my green sofa chair and from this vantage point I can stare at the ocean. Did you know that staring at those waves have a calming effect? Not that I need to calm down but having have lived all my life by the sea, sometimes I take it for granted. Sometimes I forget that it is right there.


Soon it will be nicer out and visitors from all walks of life will come and enjoy our coastal town. The trolleys full of tourists will soon be coming by. I wonder what those tour guides tell those folks when they stop right in front of our beach steps? That when the low tide comes, we go clamming? That was what the rumor was. I hope not, because that is not true. Although I love clams, I will never think of harvesting them and cooking them… I will leave that to the restaurants that are in abundance nowadays. Too much work and to think of getting stuck in the mud just trying to get to them! I am so thankful for the clammers!


Well, I really consider myself lucky to wake up every morning to this awesome view! It is inspiring and in due time the weather will soon be nice, it is early Spring right now, and we will be out on our porch, husband enjoying his cigar and I with my Kindle sipping a glass of wine.

Aspiring painters would soon flock here with their easels and paints.


I simply could not wait! Also, great weather brings in good visits from dear friends. They love to come by our porch, hence the name Cocktail Porch. We are also lucky to have a neighbor who loves to cook Italian food and one neighbor who has all her wine delivered to her house and of course they are our dear friends, no, not because of the wine and food but for their company.

This photo was taken early Spring last year.





This house which was painted two years ago with a color named “Fetish”, a rather unusual name for a Benjamin Moore paint, which is actually cranberry-pink color will, no doubt, be our retirement home simply because it is situated perfectly near good neighbors, by the sea and in a historic old seaside park.


And because I am a gardener, my Beacon Hill-style backyard and surroundings are well- maintained full of colorful cottage-like plantings. And did you know I named my garden Bellehaven? I am so fortunate and thankful for all these blessings.

These ramblings really came about because I have nothing to do this rainy lazy Sunday. Have a blessed week my friends!